At such age

Crime of parents or destiny of her own;

she was alone, at such a tender age.

Mother divine, people says;

out of love and care, moms are made.

She doesn’t remember her face or touch.

Damned freedom, that her mother boasted.

For her love, she broke her heart.

Father is what a daughter is proud of.

Someone a child much likely, admire of.

Such a poor soul, I disclaim.

Whose father left, his own life to claim.

Another daughter, another family,

“She was nothing!”, her father would blame!

Tiny fingers, she could hold toys,

At such stage, she learnt switching stoves.

A dull frock, with left out clothes.Her aunt would stitch a birthday gown.

She cared not for, how it was made?As full day ,she will adore that dress.

Such an early age, It’s gloomy, to say “Aye!”, always.

Tears rolling, down her cheeks;wiping which she will end her day.

Every time I visit that place.

She will hug: me and toys.

She will be with me: for days and night;

listening stories, tales i can tell.

In this deep dark, soundless night,

There may be questions, much to cause noise.

Who is at fault, whose mistake?

Who will be the jury and who at stake?

For such a tiny plant, who will grow shade?

who will nourish, who will love this plant?



Hey sunflower:

tell me why?

why do thee Always look towards;

That haughty Sun, 

in admire;

Its scorching heat, makes living hard.

Birds avoid; and human despise.

There is Rose, there is marrigold.

Both leave when sun is bold.

Your leaves are drying, crying to die.

yet you avoid, the advice of wise. 

“Leave the Sun, find another ground.

Your beauty will glow, flourish abound!”.


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I am tired

i am tired of faking myself,

a smiley face just to make you smile.

i am tired, of lying to myself,

just by doing this, he will fall in love.

i am tired, of situations uncountable,

i masked myself, to be a people pleaser.

i am tired, of being everyone,

i tried to be others, but not being myself.

I am really tired.

If you ever want, or like or love;

come to me, in white of soul.

Then, I can promise,

i won’t get tired.

till then,

yeah, I am tired….

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To sustain, to win

Bullshit is motivation, that comes and goes,

like a drizzle; but not a downpour.

Enough, has been crying of excuses, ‘n’.

Nobody cares; of thy mourn.

Every night, when you sleep with hope:

“Okay, Fine today is done! “,

Do you forget, the day yet to come.

Death is certain, Universal accepted.

How about quitter, cowardice dejected?

Just a reminder;

An alarm set to blow,

your soul, your mind, to look beyond the low.

Nature has flaws, but beauty inside.


the theory glorifies,

everything but END

But, to sustain, to live; to rise, to win…



Your touch your care

All the way,

I wonder

Was it me, Or for her?

I can see

Your love for her,

In your eyes, Your desire for her.

Your diary tells thousand of pages,

Noone me, But all her.

My eyes are not blue, My hair not the ocean tide.

My body not curvy, like her; you admired.

I doubt

whatever you said,

Was it me,

Or her

All the way.

My tears question


Do thee know

What sin thee made?

Does thy conscience has fallen so low? Bewitched by the love, you killed one love.


all the way,

It was never me.

But, only her, forever her

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For those who leaves, never returns.

A bond we shared,

of love, of care.

She was my ‘to be blamed‘,

She was my ‘to be dedicated‘.

Fight with laughter; annoy with joy.

A thread so certain; yet uncertain.

For years, it’s been.

I still cry.

In memory of her, my tears just don’t dry.

This vaccum in mind, in heart in soul…

what remains?

but days to mourn.

This universal truth haunts, For those who leaves, never returns.

In memory…
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A Rose bud

It was a tiny bud,

People starting caressing her.

For sunny,

it was put outside, to have more sunlight.

In rainy, it was kept inside.

Much were protected, more beautiful it grew. It’s fragrance freshen the whole balcony,

And neighbours praised it’s reddish velvet with greenish leaves amid browny thorns.

Time passed,

One, then two, three… petals began to fall.

A new bud was born, behind her; in another branch.

Now the pot was moved at a different angle;

for the new to reach sunrays.

Rituals started to repeat.

While, The old bud was leaving, it’s legacy, touching the ground.


There again,

new bud away in her world, Is about to bloom…

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Far away,

My family is waiting.

Money I send, expenses cutting.

Penniless I walked, barefoot; uncountable.

Penny I received, wounded hand; countable.

Empty stomach, my nights passed by,

Staring ceiling, my pain wrapped by.

One by one;

Day by day.

I summoned, to get a pay.

In this unknown city,I am searching,

A house to stay.

For a home to build.