Forgotten Ones

Searching for love here and there,

This person, that person;
who could possibly be destination.

In such hurry, something is lost;
Not time, but more than time.

Family, kinship, important relationship;
That stuck in pain and gain;

Yet forgotten,
in remorseful rain.

Calculated wrongly, compared normally;

Regretful tears, at dying bed,
Noone dear, close to hear;
What you cry, what you fear.

Once broken can be mended,
What about Love, how about trust,

Care and save, what closest to thou,

As they remain, in years of mourn.

Factory Life

Darky, dusty, gloomy chimneys;

Outside painted, inside bleached.

Human agony; tainted brain.

Space congested, polluted drain.

Suffocate, succumb, yet survive.

Need becomes;

Bosses command.

Bonded are few, others can’t refuse;

Starved stomach, as demands.

Forget miseries; “what about life? “

Here one live, not alive.

Here one subsist, not exist.

May, I Get A Bigger Hit!

I adorn  clothes their;
torn and worn.
I fill my stomach, leftover;
bitter and wetter.
I have messy hair,cheesy attire;
Dirt hooked up; crime booked up.

Now here;then there.     Searching identity;
Sometimes beaten, sometimes chased.
Running away, where to stay?

Sky is my shelter, bare ground my bed.
When you cry, I mourn;
when you laugh, I sigh!

Watching you, observing you;  I grew up. Saving self, working help;           I grew up.

Dare I choose;                                 If ever I could;                      Complain, compare. 

This justice, unconditional, worth, not to share”.

Yes,                                                     I am;                                     nowhere near.                        Being like you,                             not in my list.                                  I am in hurry; I am hungry.   With a wish;

May, I get a Bigger Hit! “

Tell me not

Tell me not, you are tired;

Consistent perseverance is lost, and persistency has torn you down.

Your agony of making great, has turned into settling lest.

Tell me not, you have learnt; play symphony of excuses and nay;

Dare you, forget your dreams, care you live with shame;

Unfinished task, existence crisis; not fighting back, but singing “why this? “

Raise your head with proud and hout,

Candle yourself with fire of desire;

Wait not, if noone helps, worry not, if noone works,

Tell me only, when you are done, singing song with musical rhythm;

Of success, of quest, of this, of that;

But giving up, Don’t tell me that.

Thy Love

“Love is from both sides”

What a pain, deep in brain. not in heart, as it’s not mine.

 Once you end, your talking of her, There  begins my mind to work. Sketching of her by your word by word.

Is she pretty or she is witty;What a beauty whom you admire. 
What her attire, by looking, set you on fire. 
What an idol of feminine, she has got, That made you dumb, and fall in love. 
Would her eyes be Like a light, standing glittery in the gloomy night. 
Whats her lip looking like, the one made your eyes, away from mine.

Oh! What a heart thee( the girl) might have, that Broke mine, to have thy.  
I want to meet but not to see her. Its too heavy for unpleasant pleasure. 

However thee( the girl) look, whatever thee cook. The truth is this, you are his, and he is yours, Even though ex, he still hung on you.

Yeah sure, I want to say bye and goodbye to thy love; for I can’t handle this love triangle.

Milky galaxy

Me at night, up at high; exploring this beauty; creative, Almighty. 
What thinketh this was made;
Like a crown of glittery stones, embezzled in a mess.
White river of flowing stars,
Hung together, close, though far.
How beautiful;
This kinship bizzare.

Bonding close with thee I have;

Greeting my great,great, great grandma;
up there.
People say, who leave here, live there.
Since then I accompany her, lace;
It's been long, I miss her tales,
sometimes squirrels;
sometimes whales;
Sometimes, it's been;
truck and rails.

In this lonely, city of fast moving nowhere.
Mind trembling with fear, what about anxiety, worth to share.

At my roof, I stare;
This Holy relationship they care,
Dancing collective down to heel.
It might cause, all wound to heal.

What a meaning, it shows,
In meaning less world,
that once goes.

Life is here, Life is there;
You will remain no matter where;
Cheers the beers whenever,Wherever ,
As love remains hereafter, thereafter.

An Evening

This fear of loneliness, breaks mirage of togetherness;
This substitute of courage, reduces strength of happiness.
Hyped complacent theory of adventure, creates fear of Vagrancy;
This worry of ageing, dampens glory of Constancy.

Fighting with pace to find peace, while;
Living in solace, has been a mess;
Cowing to clutches of past disgrace,
Reserving some seats; fortune erroneous .
This silent evening, in hubbub of pleasantness.
This hangover of misspelt cast, weakens, urn of spiritedness.

This dawn of today will bring morrow, with unspoken hope; lit in heart; wounded hollow. Hands shaking, energy diminishing; questions worthiness, this Ambition holds.

This symbolism of life births, at island of continuance. This spike of revolution, changes; subsides, All previous disturbances.